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    Corporate news

    • Booth appearance lines and workmanship characteristics

      With the use of the environment in the appearance and tone of integration to do infinite close, half light and half dark panel system and freestyle installation design is convenient and can achieve good fire prevention and performance is the box series products. The first use of hot galvanized plate paint baking process in the steel structure with zinc rich epoxy primer, the use of structural connection to make Zhuoqin become in connection, but also greatly reduce the load of the booth will not be in the full use of the process of paint and fall off more lasting phenomenon.

      2022/03/28 HuanLi

    • Daily management of integrated law enforcement booths

      In the frame of the main body includes four columns at the top of the model and, for the corresponding rectangle frame, up and down in the box at the top of the each corner has an eye, at the corners of each has a fixed, fixed with the ground by the support and the lower connection with a connecting hole steel plate, so ZhuoQin will create integration gateway equipment, the control box overall modelling beautiful, Easy to operate and efficient in installation and construction due to our use of hidden grooves.

      2022/03/27 HuanLi

    • License plate recognition system realizes automatic management of vehicles

      The license plate recognition equipment is installed at the entrance and exit to record the license plate number and entry and exit time of vehicles, and combined with the control equipment of automatic doors and railings machine to realize the automatic management of vehicles. Applied to parking lot can realize automatic time charging, can also automatically calculate the number of available parking Spaces and give a hint, realize automatic parking charge management to save manpower. It can be applied to the intelligent community to automatically judge whether the vehicle belongs to the community, and realize automatic time charging for non-internal vehicles. In some units this application can also be combined with the vehicle scheduling system, automatically and objectively record the unit vehicle out of the situation, license plate recognition management system

      2022/03/26 HuanLi

    • License plate recognition is expected to boost the industry

      The common application of license plate recognition system is parking charge management. Integrated license plate recognition system, can automatically recognize license plates, passing vehicles through the crossing without stopping, that is, can realize automatic identification of vehicle identity, automatic billing. In the parking lot management, for the efficiency of vehicles passing through the entrance and exit, license plate recognition for vehicles that do not need to collect parking fees (such as monthly trucks, internal vehicles), the construction of unattended fast channel, card free, no parking access experience, is changing the management mode of access to the parking lot.

      2022/03/25 HuanLi

    • How to apply the electric gate system

      Road gate system is specially used for restricting motor vehicles on the road channel income and expenditure management equipment, is now widely used in highway toll stations, parking yards, residential areas, enterprises and institutions at the door, to deal with the income and expenditure of vehicles. According to the use of the gate, the gate rod can be divided into straight rod, 90 degree bending rod, 180 degree folding rod and gate, etc. Accounting machine management system? The system is the center of the whole parking lot, which consists of accounting machine, printer, communication line and software. The primary end of IC card textual research, monthly card processing, control signal receiving and sending, parking time and parking fee accounting, picture capture and flash and data

      2022/03/24 HuanLi

    • How to install three-roll brake reasonably

      In the communication with the customer to determine the plan, the width of the site, the length of the site, to determine how many machines can be installed, whether to choose vertical three roller brake, or bridge three roller brake, vertical three roller brake dimensions: 420x330x980(mm), bridge three roller brake dimensions: 1200x280x1000(mm), three roller brake bar to chassis size 510mm, that is, vertical three roller brake covers an area of 420x(330+510), bridge three roller brake covers an area of 1200x(280+510), in determining the selection of consideration of the gate and brake bar gap, each three roller brake covers an area, placed

      2022/03/23 HuanLi

    • The license plate recognition system changes the way parking lots are managed

      Intelligent license plate recognition system uses license plate recognition algorithm and can quickly recognize license plate information. Is the vehicle into the parking lot can pass without stopping, the entrance greatly reduces the vehicle waiting time. The system is generally composed of license plate recognition camera, related billing software, charging display screen and intelligent gate. Is the mainstream system of parking lot management, the whole system includes entrance equipment, export equipment, charge management equipment, image contrast equipment. Through the intelligent license plate recognition system, vehicles can pass in and out without stopping, and temporary vehicles can enter without stopping and pay fees automatically. The whole license plate recognition parking lot system has a simple structure.

      2022/03/22 HuanLi

    • What is the difference between the maintenance of electric telescopic door in summer and winter

      First of all, we should pay attention to the selection of materials. For the electric telescopic door suitable for cold weather, we should appropriately increase the hardness just now, and the change of expansion coefficient is not ea

      2022/03/08 HuanLi

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