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    Industry information

    • Parking dries up, "parking" blocking city development

      & other;Parking difficulty & throughout;Has become the common fault of the first-tier cities, and to the trend of the development of the second - and third-tier cities.“Parking difficulty & throughout;Not only reflected in the business center, even the daily lives in village, the park until the parking situation, so that someone sent & other;Parking difficulty & throughout;, it devilishly hard to sigh with emotion!Let’s take a look at & other;Parking difficulty & throughout;Give city


    • Urban parking guidance system appears misleading cause analysis

      recently, urban parking guidance of misleading news to appear in the media, guangzhou, wenzhou, zhengzhou and other cities are induced by the media pointed out that city shows that the free parking space is not accurate, not only have the effect of convenient citizens, also mislead the public parking, induction system turned out to be misleading.Urban parking guidance system is a part of wisdom urban construction, its role is to guide public transportation, ease traffic congestion and improve traffic order, make travel more wisdom


    • In the way of your brake safe?

      the thing is, in ms, driving away from a square at the exit to expend, found that can’t find the parking card, asked her & other management personnel;Either pay 20 yuan for the card, or certificate of returned after find a parking card & throughout;Ms, forced to sign the documents.Ms is leave your car parked outside, come back to negotiate this matter, in Ms. Daughter was suddenly falling way brake lever to hit on the face!Go to a hospital checking, fortunately no


    • Several kinds of parking lots is unbearable, you met?

      Parking lot is to build more and more now, have a role to alleviate urban parking, but some of the design of the parking lot unreasonable planning, by the driver friend, poking fun at most has the following kinds.1. The parking lot hot, let a person can’t stand it.Some underground parking garage, for some reason, parking environment is very hot, in the hot summer, many people can’t stand it.For example, the Shanghai hongqiao lane parking lot, underground parking, the first floor and second floor underground can be friends but the driver


    • Upgrade parking management system, shopping malls parking is no longer difficult

      to downtown shopping malls, supermarket shopping, is a way of entertainment.But during the holidays to go shopping, parking is a headache problem.Although many mall is equipped with a parking lot, can satisfy the daily parking demand, but on holidays, are so, parking is not enough to use, some vehicles can only be disorderly parking in the street, not only increase the traffic congestion, vehicle safety is not guaranteed at the same time, shopping is not rest.Some customers think


    • Community management complaint, all because of the tao brake speed slow

      recently, attain the state of the shang city property management complaints received the owner, their village recently replaced with advertisement, the way of the gate but the way of the new brake landing speed slow, not only but also appear the phenomenon of brake lever hit a car and was not pleased with the owners.The owners reflect, way brake lifting speed is slow, now lead to in and out of the village very inconvenient, every morning and evening peak into do not come, couldn’t go out, to work and life has brought a lot of inconvenience.More seriously, the brake is installed soon


    • Intelligent parking has become an important experience

      end of last month, let a person experience to the enthusiasm of the shopping, is said to be transported 1 million passengers in three days.Wanda’s strength, caused a huge impact to other local shopping mall.In the face of competition is so fierce competition, how to provide competitive, mall to attract consumers?Installing intelligent parking lot system, improve the consumer shopping experience is one of them.Such as poly city is on the parking lot & other;Big upgrade &


    • Planning intelligent parking lot system installation, you need to clear up some points that

      as people parking demand is growing, some communities have installed upgrade parking lot system, in order to meet the requirements for the management of the parking.However, some village management is most contact parking management system, can learn to use it well, to transform or planning to install a new parking management system, for they still have difficulty.So, planning and construction of intelligent parking lot system to consider what aspects?We here are some questions for you in the planning parking lot management


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