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    Industry information

    • Intelligent parking lot system, improve market competitiveness

      various department stores this year, many cities have USES mainly by means of preferential parking service, not only for the parking lot is configured with the advanced management system, such as car parking guidance system and reverse seeking system, and is also close on service, such as some store specifically for the VIP guest is equipped with professional guides and brand order services all the way, if the customer need, can start over into the parking lot is services, can also pass a special private channels, from the parking lot directly go to the mall


    • License plate recognition is mainly used in what areas?

      as you all know, the license plate number of the vehicle & other;Identity & throughout;Identity, every car has the corresponding license plate number, license plate recognition technology can automatically register of vehicle license plate recognition, convenient management, has now become an important means to recognize the identity, its widespread application in the following areas.A license plate recognition in the parking lot, parking lot entrances management has very wide in application, through to the in and out of the vehicle license plate number is


    • How to use the parking service to attract consumers reveal stores!

      with the rise of e-commerce, convenient online shopping is more and more consumer choice, the traditional business model by the huge impact, coupled with the increasing of the vehicles, parking Spaces are hard to find, to go out to the stores gradually reduce the consumption of consumers.How to attract consumers to store consumption?This is the big mall headaches!This year there are a lot of businesses use parking discount, provide more convenient service to attract consumers, we’re


    • Why say intelligent parking lot management system industry will usher in the hair

      parking has become a common problem in the urban development of


    • Commercial residential area parking problem how to solve?

      yesterday to see such a news on the net, mainly said some commercial residential parking problems, mainly there are several 1, owners feel parking is a big maze, let oneself can’t find the car every time.2, 3 often traffic jams during rush hours, some commercial district export is too little, often queuing in fact this is a universal problem commercial residential parking lot.Vehicles increase, plugging is normal;The garage big, difficult to find, cars are fine;Export less, it’s no surprise to line


    • It is said that this is the world’s best parking lot, no

      what is currently the world’s best parking lot?Let’s take a look at, it is said that this is the world’s biggest parking lot, no one.This parking lot is located in wolfsburg, Germany, nearly 60 floors, now open your eyes, let’s look at the spectacle.


    • Is a favorite of drive Mercedes BMW ticket, or another reason?

      media reports recently, in the parking lot, train the crowd mercedes-benz BMW owner is loved a ticket, it caused the social hot, let’s take a look at what’s going on.Cause this topic is one of the parking lot, chongqing is located in the oil road branch next to the traffic lights, belongs to the outdoor parking lot, there are about 120 parking Spaces, is near the residential and commercial, six more than forty years old staff management.One of the biggest problems is the parking lot, a ticket is extremely serious, and


    • Government support of social forces to the construction of intelligent parking lot, parking industry

      parking is becoming increasingly difficult, which is prevalent for motorists in the city.Drive out most afraid of is to find parking places, sometimes can’t find a parking space for a spin, had to drive the car home, such a situation.Indeed, the high-speed economic development bring us benefits at the same time, also brought some problems.Such as income increases made many motorists, but due to the parking lot can’t keep up with the pace of construction, parking has become a problem of city life.


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