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    Industry information

    • The four advantages of intelligent parking lot system

      more and more intelligent parking lot system used in the parking lot, was welcomed by the market, I look at the following several aspects of due to its advantages.First, management of parking lot parking lot order.Intelligent parking lot system through the management of vehicle import and export, the vehicle in and out of order and civilization, maintaining the order of the parking lot.Intelligent parking lot management system has a variety of vehicle import and export management way, at present there are three main types: swipe in and out, long-distance identification, license plate recognition, this a few into


    • Five advantages of intelligent parking lot system in residential applications

      Now intelligent parking lot system be installed in the new community, intelligent parking system has irreplaceable advantage in district vehicle management, mainly embodied in the following respects.One, a variety of charging ways, flexible response to various needs of management.Intelligent parking lot system with flexible payment methods, can easily cope with the needs of different users, temporary users, such as fixed users, special user, rent and so on, these can be in the system Settings, in response to different management requirements


    • How to build a modern intelligent parking lot system?

      to achieve modernization, intelligent parking lot, the following system is indispensable.1. The license plate recognition system parking lot entrances with license plate recognition system, can speed up the vehicle in and out of traffic, improving the efficiency of the parking lot.Through the gateway installation special license plate recognition cameras, vehicle in and out of the paparazzi license plate number, identification number, eliminating the traditional parking lot card, credit card link, make the vehicle without a stop, not only accelerated the speed of traffic,


    • Village installed intelligent parking lot system

      intelligent parking lot system has become the standard configuration of building a village, but due to the intelligent parking lot system is developed in recent years, there is no a unified national standards, this brought difficulty to performance evaluation, especially for some people have not been in contact with intelligent parking lot, don’t know from which several aspects of selecting a parking system.Thus, we list several performance indicators, for your reference.1. How many vehicles residential district management vehicle number?Parking lot


    • The advantage of bluetooth car parking system and applications

      As everybody knows, bluetooth is a wireless technology.Is using bluetooth technology, bluetooth car parking system to complete the remote reading card in and out of the car park management system, by the ground sense coil, vehicle detector, brake, bluetooth card reader, controller, management software, etc.Bluetooth car park system how to work?To use bluetooth parking lot system, first of all managers to bluetooth card authorization, only authorized card can use.Then the user needs to install bluetooth card in the vehicle


    • Intelligent parking lot system as the business USES tools

      as urban & other;Parking, parking throughout your &;Problem, & other;Free parking & throughout;Become some means of bazaar assures, intelligent parking lot management system become each big stores to attract traffic tool.With the development of the economy, with the dramatic increase of vehicles, and otherParking difficulty & throughout;Has become the common fault of the big cities, and parking fee is rising, the parking fee is a


    • Find car video system, a new generation of intelligent system for reverse car

      large parking area is large, parking Spaces, sometimes there may be several layers, finding the car became a difficult problem, early arrange management personnel to help users find vehicles parking lot system, the artificial search cars the way human cost, both at the same time, increased operating costs.Then charge for car parking lot instead of artificial look for car, charge for car can help users quickly find vehicles, reduce management costs, but the charge for the car is not very convenient, in the application of owner active credit card is needed to locate, such as


    • Video direction finding system some problems exiting in the marketing

      car as a new generation of reverse seeking system, has now been launched for some time.Gradually become familiar, its powerful function and convenience by the recognition of users.Can reverse find car video system in the future will become the mainstream of reverse seeking car system.However, judging from the market at present, the domestic many large reverse for car parking system using ultrasound as a detector, using video detection is relatively less, many are waiting.Why is this?I


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