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    Industry information

    • What is a ballot boxes parking lot?Parking lot ballot boxes

      parking lot ballot boxes are in the parking lot system equipment, strictly refers to this device (control), in the case of the people called the cashier to ballot boxes, but market is not clear, so they say ballot boxes generally is refers to the parking lot parking card slot (or parking control machine).The graph is parking lot ballot boxes, has obtained the patent appearance.Ballot boxes are in the parking lot system equipment


    • On the market at present two kinds of parking guidance system introduction

      on the market at present the main parking guidance system has two kinds: ultrasound technology parking guidance and video identify parking guidance system.Ultrasonic parking guidance system using the ultrasonic principle, above each lot to install ultrasonic detector, used to detect if there vehicle parking, parking management system will reduce the parking situation acquisition and transmission to the server, the server to process the data, then the parking guidance information feedback to the entrance to the parking guidance display.And video parking guidance system in


    • What is the location in the guidance system?

      if you need a parking lot parking vehicles, and real time remaining is displayed on the screen in parking lots, and you can through the parking guidance system to realize the function, but if you request is not high, budget is limited, only hope to be able to achieve this function, location guidance system may be more appropriate to use you.Parking guidance system and the guide is not the same location, and parking guidance system USES ultrasonic technology or video detection technology, can real-time monitor the specific state of parking Spaces, parking lot


    • Parking guidance system is what?The market is which a few kinds are there?

      parking guidance system has incomparable advantages in guided vehicle parking, not only enables users to quickly find a parking space, convenient for users, improve efficiency, but also avoid the driveway problems such as congestion, noise, exhaust gas pollution, such as time, manpower and income, environmental advantages, is indispensable for large commercial parking system.Parking guidance system although it emerged almost a decade, but the technology is in progress, from early USES is ultrasound technology, to the present video parking guide


    • The parking lot to install location guidance system?

      location guidance system is in the parking lot each stratification, regional gateway installation vehicle detector, used to detect in and out of the vehicle, and then transmitted to the host controller to test result, the number of parking Spaces by the host controller operation and control, finally the parking data real-time release to all remaining parking display, have the effect of guide vehicles.Location principle of the guidance system is simple and can satisfy the basic vehicle guidance function, but why most of the parking lot is cost higher car


    • IC parking system scheme contrast

      on the market at present most of the intelligent parking lot is the credit card system, using a lot of parking lot is not pure license plate recognition system, but with the development of technology, license plate recognition also gradually being popular, has the trend of development for the mainstream.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two system?This is we want to introduce this time.You may have this question: if you want to install now intelligent parking lot system, is between the IC card system, parking lot, or choose a license plate recognition system?I


    • What’s the advantage of characteristic FRID intelligent parking lot system?

      RFID technology has been widely used in intelligent parking lot management, FRID intelligent parking lot system what are the characteristics?What can solve the problem?Traditionally, we put the users are divided into fixed users and temporary parking lot.Here we are at a fixed users, for example, take a look at the traditional charge parking system is how to manage users in and out of the parking lot.Fixed users to carry a smart card, at the time of in and out, need to charge parking near the card reader.Because I


    • How to design the large parking lot management system

      Large parking management system is different from general small parking lot system, it belongs to comprehensive engineering, involving vehicles in and out of safety, security, charge of safety, vehicle in and out fast, convenient parking, and other management.Large parking system solutions in the design, we should fully consider the various aspects, according to the field situation, design a safe, reliable, convenient parking management fee model, improve the operational efficiency of the parking lot at the same time, reduce operating costs.the


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