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    Industry information

    • Why intelligent parking lot management system industry is growing so fast?

      According to relevant data show that in 2009, domestic car park management system of the market size is 1.15 billion yuan, in 2010 to RMB 1.45 billion, 2011 to 1.8 billion yuan, in 2014 to predict the size of the market will exceed 3.7 billion yuan, an average annual growth of around 30% and growing rapidly.We can not help but ask, why domestic intelligent parking lot management system grow so fast?1. The intelligent parking lot system at the growth stage.Compared with the developed countries abroad,


    • Intelligent parking lot system can solve the problem of what?

      intelligent parking lot management system can help you to solve the following problems.1. The parking lot order in an orderly way, solve the exit lanes congestion problem.The lack of regulations is a lot of common problems existing in the parking lot, vehicles into the play does not get effective guidance, the customer need to waste a lot of time to find a parking space not only, but also traffic lanes, often to outdo each other, sometimes even collision, trigger disputes, and the parking guidance system in the intelligent parking lot system


    • Yangzhou five years every year to add 1800 parking encourage social forces to stop the construction

      Recently, yangzhou government executive meeting examined and in principle by the "about promoting the construction of public parking lot planning of the implementation opinions".According to the "opinions", nearly five years the city each year were (ac) in principle added two new public parking lot (or no less than 200 parking garages), more than one public municipal investment group, the new parking lot (or no less than 100 parking garages), an annual increase of not less than an average of 1800 public parking space.The phenomenon of urban


    • Changsha trial standard: a building area of more than 500

      7 August - changsha city planning bureau released today "in changsha city construction engineering vehicle parking lot (library) PeiJian standard (trial)" (hereinafter referred to as a trial standard), on a trial basis standard regulation, when building a building area of more than 500 square meters (including 500 square meters), should be set parking lot (library), after the completion of PeiJian parking facilities of all kinds of public buildings should be used for an open society, encourage the public buildings PeiJian parking lot (library) is open to society.The trial standard not


    • Parking lot vehicles were scratched, who is in charge of this?

      recently Mr Li is a headache about this thing, the thing is, Mr Li made 5 yuan parked the car in a parking lot, do come back to take the car to, found that the car was scratched.Mr. Li find administrator immediately and take care of, but charge the administrator is not liable to this, the reason is that they just parking charge, instead of watching the fare.Executives say they take is a one-time fee, parking charge by artificial, time out, a lot of car stop is a whole


    • Out parking has become a normal life

      home & throughout;Rob parking & throughout;, go out to find parking Spaces, it has become a way of life a lot of citizens.Due to various reasons, parking has become a difficult problem in the urban development in our country.Many car owners to go out to find a parking space, while there are news reports, there are owners drive out after a few hours can’t find a parking space, had to drive home.News are small, but it reflects many problems.Public parking Spaces not


    • How to choose the agent parking system?

      large parking demand, promote the development of the intelligent parking industry in the next few years will be rapid development, many people saw this trend, want to join acting quickly to enter this industry, this idea is very good, is very correct, but choose which manufacturer do agent, is a difficult problem in front.Select which agent parking system do?Maybe you have your own answer, but still want to talk about our point of view here, agent system manufacturer a parking lot, does not want to see this


    • Residential fire lane often occupied, how to solve?

      recently, media reports, the west garden residential area in changsha fire lanes vehicles parked, if there is a fire, the fire will not be able to, consequence is unimaginable.This is car park common problems, its reason not attributable simply to the property management or plot parking lots, so have plenty of parking area encountered such a problem, in my opinion the main reason is the lack of scientific and reasonable management plan.West garden district in changsha as an example, the fire


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