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    Industry information

    • Entrance guard system design cannot ignore the personal safety consideration

      entrance guard system has two main functions, one is to control the internal personnel in and out of the designated area in a certain time, the second is to prevent external personnel in and out of the designated area.When we are in the design of entrance guard system can not only pay attention to the safety of the system and ignore the personal safety considerations, in this regard, the United States is worthy of our reference.At home we consider more is the entrance guard system is safe, is there a loophole, focus on system security and reliability.In the United States, is the personal safety


    • This year, hangzhou will build library

      this year nationally, hangzhou seventh hinder, but every one thousand people among the top of the provincial capital cities in China, hinder more than Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other cities.At the same time, hangzhou motor vehicle parking only 400000 or so, that is, on average less than 0.5 per car garages.To this end, hangzhou in recent years have been positive potential in the construction of parking garages.This year, the plans of new parking area 50000, completed 7000 public parking


    • Introduction to entrance guard system transmission way change

      in recent years, domestic door industry development with each passing day, whether it’s on the size of the market, or on the application of new technology, there is a lot of different.In these changes, some people think that transport entrance guard system is one of the biggest breakthrough, although it may not be completely correct, but still have a point.Traditional entrance guard system mainly USES the RS - 485 bus, wigan communication mode, such as traditional protocols with the upgrade of development technology, in recent years, there are many kinds of spread


    • Property company in the vehicle management encountered what problem?

      property company in the management of the vehicle will have some problems, especially some big property company, across the country have service outlets, the property of vehicle management more difficult, some very simple things can become the difficult problem in the collectivization management, such as statistics report.In general, collectivize property company will encounter the following problems in the management of the vehicle.1. Hard to every community property management oversight is own, regulation system is not standard, charging chaos,


    • How to manage the planning parking on campus?

      want to solve the school parking management problem, orderly and smooth traffic, need to do the following three aspects.A, reasonable construction plan to achieve the harmonious and unified.The requirements: 1. The vehicle and parking vehicles to partition management, improve the road traffic signs, route and to clear the parking area, disorderly parking is prohibited.2. Standardize management of the parking area parking, parking it into bits, parked in order;3. The speed bumps outfit in motor driving route, control the vehicle speed, reduce


    • About the introduction of several common entrance guard electric lock

      entrance guard system used in the different electric lock, commonly used to have electric plug locks, magnetic locks, electric locks and electronic locks,.What is the difference between them, what are the characteristics?Suitable for what kind of door?Let’s make an introduction to them.1.


    • Electric lock on how to deal with sudden blackout?

      we all know, electric plug locks, magnetic locks, electric locks are be applied entrance guard system of electric lock, and the characteristics of this kind of door lock last time we have been introduced, this time we will introduce is: the class how to respond to a power outage, power cuts and other emergency lock?1. Electric mortise lock electric mortise lock application is more, it can be divided into two kinds: power line to open the door (lock) when the power and electricity open type (lock) when the power is cut off, so we should according to the specific situation to choose to use different electrical


    • Advantages and disadvantages of license plate recognition system

      license plate recognition system is more intelligent parking lot system, mainly by monitoring cameras, smart way brake, management, computer, as long as the vehicle lanes of imports and exports, the system automatically capture the license plate and identify the license plate number, vehicle types, depending on the type of vehicles to choose whether to open the gate.License plate recognition system equipment installation is simple, maintenance is also very convenient, is popular to identify parking system over a long distance.License plate recognition system is the key to identification,


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