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    Media reports

    • Intelligent parking lot system is how to improve the utilization ratio of parking lot parking

      , a limited number of parking Spaces in the car number is increasing day by day, want to meet the demand of parking Spaces in the parking lot, the best way is to improve the utilization rate of parking Spaces.To improve the utilization rate of the parking space first our city parking guidance system can be used to improve the utilization rate of the parking lot and then through the guidance of car parking system for improving the utilization ratio of parking Spaces in the parking lot.At present, the domestic most of the parking lot is at the original manual management stage, parking lot


    • What are hidden trouble existing in the underground parking garage?

      as increasing the number of motor vehicles in our country, a lot of some underground parking system design lack of unified standards and norms, led to the current parking problem is becoming more and more serious, it seriously affects the efficiency of the parking lot.Shortly before the reporter repeatedly visited some underground parking lot, a lot of underground parking lot out of the corner at the entrance is very big, some even are 90 degrees, for some owners in and out of the parking lot, have filed more than spirit to;Some parking lot with


    • Open intelligent parking time make parking lot no longer difficult

      car ownership to dramatically increase, parking is always difficult to related topics are often active in everybody’s sight, although around the relevant departments have a lot of solution, however, how to effectively resolve this problem, the most important thing is to find & other;Throughout the crux &;, improve the parking management mode, implement various comprehensive treatment.First of all, the relevant departments to the innovation of management mode, because lead to the parking


    • Parking is always difficult to solve should which aspects?

      despite the rapid development in science and technology, and otherParking difficulty & throughout;Is the most headaches, motorists still can’t find a parking space is still the primary cause of parking difficult problem.Faced with the problem of the supply and demand information asymmetry, the parking industry how to solve?Traditional solution from which consumers tend to seek a solution, but in the end prove effect is not ideal, since this year began to solve the problem of parking difficulty from the parking lot company


    • License plate recognition system installed in the parking lot as soon as possible to eliminate "into play

      to alleviate the urban trunk highways and city roads join road congestion, eliminate as soon as possible & other;In and out of the parking lot difficult & throughout;Problem, the parking lot to install license plate recognition system can change the traditional pattern of in and out of the management, make cars in the parking lot was charge time, speed up the passage of the vehicle.With the development of technology, we should break the traditional management mode, using advanced technology and equipment in time, promote the parking lot with the original


    • About the "parking", Beijing will be a new management policy

      parking has now been motorists think is the most headaches, but some developed cities like Beijing, nantong has begun to purchase of vehicles, Beijing recently, a new news, in addition to lottery shopping, after buying a car in Beijing are required to provide parking space has been proved that such a heart and let people hang up.It is reported that Beijing will be introduced in 2016, the Beijing motor vehicle parking management regulations, the regulation centered & other;Although a purchase


    • Beijing-tianjin-hebei will enable ETC not parking charge system of parking places

      recently, Beijing, tianjin and hebei province issued "the electronic parking charge system not roadside unit technical specification for application of voluntary standards, standard content is mainly to deal with the ETC card user in addition to enjoy the passage of the beijing-tianjin-hebei expressway toll is convenient, its ETC CARDS can also be realized in large parking lot & other;Smart pay & throughout;With ETC card user can enter the installation ETC electronic stop charging system


    • The brake in parking charge system, the main function have?

      road, although are only a small part of parking charge system, but it is in the whole function of the parking charge system is not allow to ignore, the right to choose the appropriate parking brake is very important, so, the brake in the parking lot system, what are the main functions?First way brake has a simple structure, smooth operation, manual, automatic screw the blackout, installation, use convenient maintenance, safe and reliable, etc.Brake adopt crank connecting rod mechanism driving, reduce the mechanical brake


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